Features Of Our Database

Extensive database of over 100,000 candidates

Recruin offers a robust and comprehensive candidate database, boasting a remarkable 100,000+ profiles. Whether you're searching for specific skill sets or a wide range of talents, our database provides a rich source of potential candidates to meet your hiring needs.


Access resumes with up-to-date and verified contact details

With Recruin, you gain access to resumes that are regularly updated to ensure they reflect candidates' most current qualifications and experiences. Plus, we verify and maintain accurate contact details, streamlining your recruitment process and ensuring seamless communication with potential hires.

Find resumes with backgrounds in Product companies

Recruin specializes in offering resumes of candidates who bring valuable experience from product companies. Whether you're looking for product managers, engineers, or designers, our database is your gateway to connecting with professionals who have thrived in these dynamic environments.


Resumes featuring new-age tech roles from all across India

With Recruin, you can easily locate resumes that highlight the latest tech roles from various corners of India. Whether it's AI specialists in Bangalore, blockchain experts in Hyderabad, or data scientists in Delhi, our database covers a diverse range of tech positions across the nation, making your search for top talent more efficient and effective.

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